E3 2012 News

Sony admits it’s ‘taking a risk’ with Beyond, The Last of Us

Sony has admitted that the console maker is taking ‘a lot of risks’ with its next batch of PlayStation 3 exclusives.

The company showcased two major games for its flagship console at E3 last week in the shape of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us and Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls. And, while both titles impressed, Sony has said the line-up is “far from safe.”

Speaking with GameSpot, Sony’s Scott Rohde opined that other publishers may not be so willing to invest in games like Beyond and the innovative Wonderbook.

"If you can find another publisher in this industry who would build Beyond, I’d like to meet that publisher," commented Rohde. "I really think that [Beyond] is as far from ‘safe’ as it gets.

"Heavy Rain, by itself was not a ‘safe’ title. And to do it again with a totally different story, a larger investment, and to bring Hollywood in, to really enhance that genre that really isn’t touched by many folks in our industry, I think is anything but ‘safe.’"

On the subject of taking risks, Rohde believes that Naughty Dog would be far safer pumping Uncharted sequels than take a punt on fresh IP like The Last of Us.

“For a developer of that calibre, this late in the cycle of the platform, to introduce a totally new IP for a different audience – meaning going from T-rated to M-rated – I think is anything but “safe.” I really feel like we’re taking a lot of risks with both of those titles.”

"The fact that we can have The Unfinished Swan, and we can have Beyond, and we can have The Last of Us, and God of War. Of course with some titles you’re going to iterate; a sports title is a great example. But to have that wide range and to offer something new, like Wonderbook.”

And for those of you who were disappointed with Sony’s E3 presser, Rohde made it clear that the company was keeping many of its cards close to its chests – the conference could have run twice as long as it did. Above all else however, the executive made it clear that innovation is a key component in Sony’s strategy.

"I say this every time like a broken record; our press conference could have been twice as long because we have that much content that we could show, we just didn’t have time to show it all. Sound Shapes is another perfect example.

"These are all innovations that other companies would be a little scared to embrace, I believe. So innovation is top of the charts at PlayStation."