E3 2016 | Electronic Entertainment Expo News

Sony Bend unveils new game, Days Gone, at E3 2016

A third person post apocalyptic title where you appear to play the role of a biker gang member attempting to survive in the wilderness, Days Gone certainly appears very similar to the likes of The Last of Us with its focus on rural environments and exploration.

More than that, the game looks like it marries the likes of The Last of Us with something like World War Z as it combines the atmospheric beats of the former with the OTT zombie mashing violence of the latter.

Dark, vicious, crammed with violence and what looks to be an interesting narrative, Days Gone looks like one to keep an eye on certainly.

After announcing Days Gone at their E3 presser, Sony went on to release a ten minute gameplay demo of Days Gone that you can catch below.

As soon as we hear more about Days Gone, we’ll be sure to keep you updated here at PSU.