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Sony CEO Believes Company Will Hit 22.6 Million PS5 Sales Between April 2022 And March 2023


Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has offered new predictions for PS5 sales in a recent shareholders meeting, saying that he predicts Sony will achieve 22.6 million PS5 sales per year, starting April 2022.

Highlighted on ResetEra, these predictions are by far the highest Sony has had for a PlayStation console and would mean that an install base of roughly 45 million in 2 and a half years would be reached.

These predictions come against the backdrop of a “nest egg” demand with fans clamouring for a PS5 as they still are hard to find on online retailers. Sony targeted 7.6 million sales by the end of March 2021 and is targeting around 15 million by this coming March. This would mean that by increasing supply, Sony is expecting to see and explosion of sales once they become readily available.

We have yet to see if this will turn into reality but we believe that the demand is definitely there from fans. Have you been able to find a PS5 yet?

Source – [ResetEra]