Sony CEO – "PS3 in many ways is only just getting going"

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO and president, Jim Ryan, has spoken in the aftermath of E3 and re-iterated what we reported in our article last week that Sony will be sending the PS3 off in style: “PS3 in many ways is only just getting going,” he said in an interview with

In part of the interview, Ryan spoke about Sony’s E3 showing, but refused to get drawn into a debate about Microsoft’s reportedly weaker press conference.

“Well, I wasn’t at the Microsoft Conference so it would be improper for me to comment. I can only speak to what we said, and the messaging there, which was very game-centric, was very carefully thought about, and really seeks to convey the point that the PS3 in many ways is only just getting going,” he said.

At the Sony press conference a number of new IPs were showcased, including The Last Of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, as well as the showcasing of other triple-A titles including God Of War Ascension. We also got a taste of what’s to come on Vita, with the likes of Call Of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale being confirmed. Ryan says that approximately 60 games are coming this year to PS3.

Ryan gives a hint of what’s to come by revealing that Sony plans to be a “lot more aggressive with PlayStation Plus,” but doesn’t go into the finer details. What he does touch upon is that PlayStation platforms will continue the push to fulfil gamer’s “desire for connectedness.”

“Having these multiple platforms with the Network that binds them together, I think we’re starting to realise the power we have at our disposal, and we’re getting to the stage where we unleash that in a serious manner.

Speaking to a Sony representative today, PlayStation Universe knows that GamesCom is going to a big event for Sony with plans to reveal much more about what the future holds for PlayStation and much more about Vita with some big games making their debut at the event in Cologne in August. It’s at GamesCom where we’re likely to get the bigger picture.

Whatever is planned it looks like there are some exciting times ahead for PlayStation gamers; let’s hope most of the good news relates to more great software coming our way through 2013 and beyond!