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Sony CFO Says PS4, PS5 Exclusives ‘Will Deteriorate’ If Launched On PS Plus

Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s Chief Financial Officer, has suggested that the quality of PS4 and PS5 exclusive titles will decline if they are released straight to PS Plus, in a similar vein to what Microsoft does with Xbox Game Pass.

Speaking during the format holder’s latest earnings call, Totoki-san echoed earlier comments made by PlayStation chief Jim Ryan about the company’s reluctance to launch games to PS Plus day-and-date with their retail counterparts.rto-9uy

AAA titles on PS5, if we distribute that on subscription services we may need to shrink the investment needed for that and that will deteriorate the first-party title quality and that is our concern.

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PS Plus will be relaunching next month as a three-tiered system, which combines the service as it is now, with PS Now and a collection of retro games depending on what subscription you choose. The highest one includes PS Plus freebies, PS4 & PS5 games to stream, as well as PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP titles.

[Source – Genki on Twitter]