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Sony Congratulates Microsoft On The Launch Of The Xbox Series S/X

PS5 CPU Vs Xbox Series X CPU

In a sign of good faith, Sony via their official Twitter account congratulated Microsoft on the launch of their new next-generation consoles. Today officially marks the beginning of the next generation, and though we’ll still have to wait a few days for the first PS5’s to hit shelves, it’s a big day for everyone in the industry. Rather than just going the boring old route of typing out congratulations, they opted to use a video from Mortal Kombat 11 of Jax’s friendship finisher.

The Xbox team responded in kind, using a gif with the Xbox and Playstation logos glued onto the faces of Jack Black and Tim Schaefer. Though we’ve definitely seen shots fired from both sides over Twitter in the lead up to the new consoles, it’s nice to see more camaraderie between the two competitors. We’ll likely see a similar tweet from Xbox in the coming days, once the PS5 launches.

The Xbox Series S/X launched today, while the PS5 will launch November 12, 2020, in the US and November 19, 2020, in the UK and EU.