Sony Denmark adds fuel to Crash Bandicoot speculation

In a new twist to the rumours that just won’t cease, a picture of Crash Bandicoot has again emerged on a Sony-controlled Twitter account.

Following the decrypted appearance of Crash in Sony’s ‘This is for the Players’ PlayStation 4 advert back in November, the Internet’s been abuzz with speculation as to whether or not the famed mascot would be making a belated reappearance on Sony’s machine.

To add fuel to the fire, the Danish branch of Sony PlayStation has uploaded a Christmas-themed picture of Crash to its Facebook page, complete with a Naughty Dog-wrapped crate and the translated phrase, ‘’what do you hope to have under the Christmas tree the year?’’ (via NeoGaf).

This comes after Sony Brazil did a similar stunt back in November, seemingly coinciding with Crash’s advert appearance. Since then, Activision has reiterated its position as holders of the license but that hasn’t stopped countless fans from dreaming of Crash’s return to PlayStation.

What’s your take on the rumours? Would you like to see Crash return for PS4? Let us know below.