Sony engineers hosted meeting with George ‘Geohot’ Hotz

A New Yorker profile on George ‘Geohot’ Hotz has revealed that Sony engineers met with the notorious PlayStation 3 jailbreaker last year to discuss the ‘methodology’ of hacking.

The platform holder set up a meeting with Hotz in May 2011 to chew the fat over how he managed to hack its flagship games platform.

Interestingly, the discussions came hot on the heels of a highly-publicised court battle between Hotz and Sony, after the latter filed a lawsuit against the hacker for publishing a guide on how to crack PS3. Eventually, the pair agreed to settle out of court.

The New Yorker article quotes Hotz stating that Sony engineers were “respectful,” further adding “if there were going to be lawyers there, I was going to be the biggest asshole ever.”

Speaking on the decision to hold the meeting, Jim Kennedy, senior vice president of Sony corporate strategic communications, commented:

“We are always interested in exploring all avenues to better safeguard our systems and protect consumers.”

Sony’s PlayStation Network was hit by a plague of downtime this time last year, after the company was forced to bring it offline for over a month as a result of an “external intrusion.”