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Sony Feels Bad It Can’t Currently Meet PS5 Demand

Jim Ryan, CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has lamented the fact the console manufacturer is not able to currently meet demand for the PS5.

Speaking with Reuters, Ryan commented:

We’ve built more PlayStations faster than we ever have before which makes me happy. But on the other hand, we’re some time from being able to meet all the demand that’s out there, which makes me feel bad.

Our partners are performing really well for us, but the chip shortage is definitely a challenge that we are all navigating.

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Ryan’s comments come following news that PS5 has sold 10 million units worldwide, which makes it the fastest-selling home console from Sony in its entire history. The format holder also revealed sales figures for a number of key titles, including Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Returnal.

The PS5 came out in the US, Europe, and other major territories in November 2020, but lack of stock has resulted in the console being increasingly hard to get hold of.

[Source – Reuters]