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Sony Files New Patent Describing Mid-Air Haptics Using Ultrasound Waves

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a new patent that indicates the format holder is looking to implement mid-air haptics using ultrasound waves.

Haptic feedback is already featured in the DualSense and the forthcoming Sense controllers for PSVR 2, but this patent appears to point towards augmented and virtual reality. Here’s a couple of extracts from the patent description for more details:

More specifically, the present invention concerns the use of ultrasonic energy to provide mid-air tactile sensations with the hands (or other body parts) as a user interacts with with objects in an immersive computing environment.

There is a need in the art for a mid-air haptic interface that imparts a degree of realism equal to that implemented by an immersive computing experience without the need for complex physical installations or other custom-designed venues.

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Patents are filed by companies all the time and don’t necessarily mean that the technology within will ever come to fruition, but as mentioned, haptics are already a big part of Sony’s devices in this generation.

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