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Sony Forecasts PS5 Shipments Of 18 Million During The Next Fiscal Year

Sony Interactive Entertainment has forecast 18 million PS5 shipments for the financial year ended March 2023, marking a significant leap over the 11.5 million units shifted during the current fiscal period.

That’s obviously a massive number of consoles to move, and presumably the hardware manufacturer is expecting console availability to improve during this time, otherwise it surely won’t be able to hit such a lofty target.

Sony revealed during its financial report today that it has shipped a grand total of 19.3 million PS5s to date. Furthermore, PS Plus subscribers stand at around 47.4 million, which is down slightly on the previous year.

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Sony launched the PS5 in November 2020 amidst the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, although the console still managed to sell out quickly. However, the system has been plagued by stock shortages ever since, although retailers are managing to restock the PS5 on a semi-regular basis now.