Sony: God of War PS4 to be the "most brutal"

god of war ps4

Sony’s God of War franchise has never been shy in showing gratuitous violence; whether it was via in-game cinematics or giving the player control to do it themselves. However, if one Sony exec’s comments are to be believed, Sony Santa Monica’s upcoming God of War on the PlayStation 4 will take things to another level.

Speaking at the GameStop Expo, Sony Interactive Entertainment Vice President of Marketing Asad Qizilbash comments, "The team said this will be the most brutal God of War you’ve played." You can check Qizilbashsay it in the video below (around the 5:36:30 mark):

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Also part of the GameSpot Expo chat, Qizilbash shares that combat has changed, "it’s no more one versus many, but more focused on one versus one or versus two. It’s more personal. strategic and visceral." Additionally, Kratos’ axe which we can see in the gameplay footage debut has been confirmed to be forged by the same dwarves that made Thor’s hammer (Sindri and Brokkr) and yes, player will be able to upgrade the weapon as the game progresses. 

In other God of War PS4 news, go check out the Digital Deluxe edition and see what in-game armor sets will be included when the action game gets released sometime in 2018.

Source: Twitch, DualShockers via NeoGAF