Sony granted access to GeoHotz’s PayPal account

Temperatures are rising for the notorious PlayStation 3 hacker, George "Geohotz" Hotz, as his legal battle against Sony continues to burn through the United States civil courts.

According to Wired, a US Federal Magistrate today granted Sony access to Hotz’s PayPal records, as the platform holder claims that the New Jersey-based hacker utilized the service to receive monetary payments for his PS3 hack. Hotz has denied receiving any payment for the hack, which he used to jail break Sony’s black box.

In addition to being given access to Hotz’s PayPal records, Sony was granted the right to acquire the IP addresses of any and all who have visited Hotz’s website from January 1st, 2009 to February 1st, 2011. Sony has also won court orders granting them access to data from his YouTube, Google and Twitter accounts.

While Sony would rather duke it out with Hotz in a San Francisco civil court, it would require that the electronics giant provide substantial evidence proving that Hotz received donations from Northern California.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) prohibits the distribution of devices that are designed to circumvent copy protection.

The hack which Hotz created was designed to restore the alternative OS feature and add homebrew functionality.