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Sony In ‘Growth Mode,’ Reportedly Has About $13b-$18b’ Budget For Acquisitions

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been busy snapping up a number of studios over the past 18 months or so, and a new report indicates the format holder may still have a chunk of cash – around $13 billion to $18 billion, to be precise – as a budget for more acquisitions.

A detailed report on Marsipan Games reveals that Sony will likely be very aggressive in future acquisitions, although whatever they go for will be “strategically picked.”

While Sony, in theory, could acquire a very big company, and afford it, we also need to remember the fact that they would have to take on every employee at the company and take on a lot of additional costs aside from just the acquisitions.

This is why I suspect that while Sony will be more aggressive, there’ll still be very strategically picked, as basically everything about the company they acquire needs to fit within their plans and overall strategy.

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The report speculates that Sony could be looking at areas such as Japan, China, Poland, and Canada for new acquisitions, the latter being an area where the company is “currently lacking in.”

Sony recently acquired Bluepoint Games, the studio responsible for remaking and remastering a number of classic titles, most recently Demon’s Souls.

[Source – Marsipan Games]