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Sony Is Being Sued For $7.9 Billion For Allegedly Abusing Its Market Position With Its PlayStation Store Prices

Sony, like plenty of other major corporations around the world face the odd lawsuit from time to time, some worth digging into and others less so, though a current suit being brought against the company stands out for its size and its accusations.

Almost nine million PlayStation players in the UK are being represented in a massive $7.9 billion lawsuit that alleges Sony used and abused its market leading position to create a monopoly with the PlayStation Store.

The suit was originally brought to the company last year by Alex Neill, but it was only just decided by the Competition Appeal Tribunal that Sony must indeed face the suit, after Sony tried to have it thrown out, calling the case “flawed from start to finish.”

Now that the case will indeed continue, Neill calls it “the first step in ensuring consumers get back what they’re owed,” and continues to argue that the PlayStation Store being the only place for players to buy digital games and add-ons has led to consumers overpaying for games.

Source – [Reuters]