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Sony Is Reversing Player Account Bans, But Isn’t Saying Why They Were Banned In The First Place

On Tuesday, some unlucky PlayStation players had quite the scare, with their accounts being banned permanently without explanation as to what they did to deserve the permanent ban.

Sony has been reversing these bans as quickly as they were dolled out, but it’s been doing all of this without giving players a reason as to why their accounts were banned in the first place.

There’s been no word from the company on why these bans happened, what, if any new policies players need to be aware of to avoid bans, or if this was just a bug in the system.

This reasonably has left players concerned as to the stability of their accounts and of the PlayStation Network, and if Sony is doing anything to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

At the very least players accounts are being restored, but it doesn’t remove the shock and heart attack some players definitely faced when learning that, for seemingly no reason, their accounts were gone from the earth.

Source – [PlayStation LifeStyle]