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Sony Is Working On A Jak & Daxter TV Or Film Adaptation With Uncharted Director

The film and tv adaptations keep coming, and this time with another classic Naughty Dog IP. According to a new report from Digital Trends, director of the Uncharted film Reuben Fleischer is working on an adaptation of Jak & Daxter for PlayStation.

“I’m actually working on Jak And Daxter, a version of that, for PlayStation, which I think would be really cool to bring to life.”

This coming only two days after Uncharted star Tom Holland was very open about being keen to star in a film based on Jak & Daxter.

It would be difficult to believe that Holland isn’t already involved in some way, or isn’t planning to be involved given the circumstances, though the report does point out that Sony has had an adaptation of Jak & Daxter in the works since 2013.

With that in mind it will be interesting to see whether or not they will be continuing with what has already been developed, or starting anew.

Considering that the firm which was tasked with developing a Jak & Daxter animated feature was also tasked with developing a Sly Cooper feature and neither project has been made public, it could be likely they’re starting over.

Of course this could also mean that if this tv show or film does happen, and there’s a revitilized interest in Jak & Daxter, perhaps a new game could finally bring the franchise back.

Source – [Digital Trends]