Sony Japan offering demo discs to new PS3 customers

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) has announced a new promotional initiative in the region targeting new PlayStation 3 adopters.

First time buyers will be able to snap up a special disc containing playable demos and footage of both already released and upcoming PS3 games, with consumers able to choose from either family friendly or mature-orientated promotional content.

While a fair chunk of the content is already available on the PlayStation Store, there’s one particular gem lurking on the White disc in the form of an online/offline co-op demo of Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil 5.

According to reports, the demo discs will be hitting shelves on December 18. See below for a list of what you can expect with each disc.

Red Disc (Family Friendly)

·Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm (demo)
·Pro Evolution Soccer: Winning Eleven 2009 (demo)
·The Last Guy (demo)
·Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 (trailer)
·LittleBigPlanet (trailer)
·Aquanaut’s Holiday (trailer)
·Afrika (trailer)

White Disc (Mature)

·Resident Evil 5 (demo)
·Metal Gear Solid 4 (demo)
·Metal Gear Online (demo)
·Valkyria Chronicles (demo)
·Yakuza 3 (trailer)
·Demon’s Souls (trailer)
·White Knight Chronicles (trailer)
·Resistance 2 (trailer)