Sony Korea: Wii popularity short term, PS3 long term

Everyone knows that the Nintendo Wii is currently dominating the market, with great emphasis on “currently”. Many would argue that the only reason the Wii is moving units with great proficiency, is because it presents a reasonable price that most families can afford verses the more expensive PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. Then there is the unique functionality, but how long exactly will the Wii craze last?

Kang Hee-Won, the top brain at Sony of Korea believes that the Wii’s success is coming to its closure while the PS3 takes over.

"Sure, there’s a price advantage, but I think the Wii’s popularity is only short term. We’re thinking a long term view is where the PS3 will be popular".

That way of thinking is the base thinking for Sony in terms of the PS3, PS2, and even PS1. In 2012 the PlayStation 3 is expected to be still going strong. Can the same be said about the Nintendo Wii? Hee-Won later added:

"In the living room, parents control the TV, not the children. There are TV dramas they want to watch, so they tell the kids to go study. The Wii’s concept is fun in the living room, but I think that is difficult in Korea. Game players put the PS3 in their room like with a PC monitor, and I can’t imagine those types of players putting the Wii in their rooms to play alone."

"Also, when you’re coming home tired, are you really going to play Wii Boxing by yourself?” he continued.

What must be kept in mind is that Korea is becoming a huge outpost for gaming and many developers will take advantage of the region. The Wii is a capable machine, but the life span is in question.

The Xbox 360 has the technology to last 10 years, but Microsoft, like the Xbox, will discontinue the hardware in about 3 years. This leaves the PlayStation 3 living a long life of enjoyment and domination.

Source: CVG