Sony listed twice on PR blunder list

Purveyors of PS3s and Electronic goods, Sony, has been listed on the 101 Dumbest Moments in Business 2007…twice.

The list by Fortune magazine is published yearly, and this year details two Sony ‘blunders’ in the marketing department. First up at 61 is the infamous God of War II event held in Greece. You know…the one with the goat. Okay, you can see where they were coming from with that…all Ancient Greek and stuff…but slaughtering a live goat in 2007? Not happening, mate.

Secondly at 63 is the ‘controversy’ over Resistance having an old fashioned Mexican stand off (with no Mexicans) in Manchester cathedral. This offended Bishop Nigel McCulloch, especially as Sony didn’t obtain permission to use said cathedral. Even though Insomniac Games made it. Either way, it was hardly a PR blunder…PS3 sales were not affected at the time and they’re only going up now.

Stay tuned.