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Sony Looking To Reduce PS Now Lag, Suggests Recent Patent Filing

Sony’s PlayStation Now has been knocking around for about seven years now, and a new patent filing by the hardware manufacturer has indicated it’s looking to reduce lag for the service. This is obviously good news for for PS Now users who prefer streaming their content instead of downloading it directly.

The patent filing describes something called Edge Compute Proxy, and the description reads as follows:

A method is provided, including the following operations: executing a cloud video game in a data center; streaming video generated by the executing cloud video game over a network to a client device; deploying a cloud gaming proxy to an edge compute that is proximate to the client device; wherein the cloud gaming proxy buffers the video and retransmits lost packets of the video to the client device.

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If that all sounds very technical to you, it basically means it helps to reduce lag on PS Now; something which we can all appreciate, I think.

PS Now allows users to stream or download content, and the lineup is updated each month. Sony has stuffed it full of PS4, PS3 and PS2 games, which is particularly handy considering the PS5 can’t play anything older than PS4 games, so PS Now is good for retro titles, too.

[Source – Gaming Route]