Sony: Motion Controller is "challenging" for core gamers

If you have been paying attention to gaming trends, you are probably aware that motion controllers are all the rave, or at least the concept caught the attention of the masses when the Wii was released in 2006. But now that Sony and Microsoft are introducing their own versions of motion controllers or hands-free gaming, the serious gamer may finally have something new to call their own.

For Sony, the launch of its Motion Controller – now slated for a fall release – is important to its core fans as it is to new, casual gamers. In a recent interview with PlayStation Universe, John Koller, SCEA’s director of hardware marketing, said both first and third party developers are creating new ways to use the Motion Controller.

“The Motion Controller technology is fantastic in that it’s challenging for the core gamer/consumer, while remaining engaging and immersive for the social/family consumer,” Koller says. “The genres and game types launching for the Motion Control platform are amazingly diverse. Imagine using the Motion Controller as a sword, a gun, or even a wand or pen – the new controller tracks 1 to 1 to your body movements; it’s precise, yet fun – and has such intuitive controls that we think it will breathe new life into many well-established game genres as well as create great new challenges for new ones.”

While Sony says the Motion Controller will attract a new audience to the PlayStation 3, Koller says there is a “huge opportunity here to reach folks beyond our normal scope as well as challenge our PlayStation loyalists with all new gameplay experiences.”

We’ll have more on the Motion Controller and our interview with Koller soon.