Sony mysteriously teases ‘EMAGON’

Sony today posted a mysterious video to its Spanish YouTube channel, leaving the Internet to once again speculate on a new enigmatic teaser.

The trailer was included in a post made on the Spanish—and only the Spanish—PlayStation Blog. Which is fitting, seeing as the video is narrated with Spanish VO. Bet you wish you didn’t drop Spanish 101 that time, huh?

It’s called “EMAGON,” and in it, a character is following a compass toward some type of desert city. The video does a moderate job of imitating a generic gameplay HUD, too. Incidentally, the teaser lists a reveal date of December 5, which also falls on the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation brand.

So, let’s get this ball rolling: what do you think this could be? At first glance it’s obvious that “EMAGON” can be reversed to spell “NOGAME,” or rearranged to spell “GAMEON.”

What do you think? We’ll let you know what we find out as more is revealed.