Sony: nearly 60% of PS4 owners have a PS Vita

Sony has revealed that around 60 per cent of PlayStation 4 owners are also in possession of a PlayStation Vita.

While the number is impressive, it somewhat disappointing to learn that only 250,000 gamers have tried out Remote Play for the PS4 and PS Vita — just 10 per cent of those who own both systems.

Speaking during a behind-closed-doors meeting this week (via Gamasutra), the platform holder also announced that a total of 48 per cent of PS Vita’s game sales are digital. By comparison,  Nintendo 3DS can only boast at having 9 per cent of overall software sales via digital download.

To date, Sony has sold over 4.2 million PS4s worldwide, and while it has been quick to hide PS Vita sales with PSP numbers, it is estimated that the corporation has shifted in the region of 7.5 million units of hardware.

Recently, Sony’s U.K. arm admitted that PS Vita hasn’t sold as well as expected, though remains hopeful that the Remote Play functionality will help swell its numbers.

Last week, it emerged that over half of PS4 owners have signed up to PlayStation Plus. PS4 owners can look forward to over 100 new games this year alone.