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Sony Patent Hints Towards PS5 In-Game Info Platform With Hints To Complete Activities Faster

A new patent filed by Sony Computer Interactive Entertainment has outed details on a type of in-game info platform, suggesting the PS5 is going to be able to advise users on how to efficiently complete activities before tackling them.

PS5 In-Game Info Platform Hinted At In New Patent

A description of the patent reads as follows:

Technology is described for surfacing in-game durational information to a player by way of a durational information platform. In a method embodiment, an operating process a game data of a player for determining a game course the player is to take between current state and a subsequent state within the game.

The method also includes operation for identifying a plurality of sequential segments within the game course for completion by the player and an operation for processing game telemetry of the player for determine effectiveness metrics of the player.

The method further includes operations for calculating an estimated time for completion of the game course and for generating a recommendation for communication to a device of the player including the estimated time for completion.

This all builds into Sony’s intelligent gaming push that the company is aiming for with its next-generation console.

The PS5 is currently slated for release in holiday 2020, and unless Microsoft opts to postpone the launch of Xbox Series X, it isn’t expect Sony will delay the console.