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Newly Filed PSVR Patent Aims to Replace NPC Spectators with Your Friends

PSVR Patent Submitted

Sony has filed a rather interesting PSVR patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that, if implemented successfully, will replace NPC spectators in competitive games, with avatars of their actual friends.

These can be either pre-selected avatars or, according to Siliconera, digital recreations of the real-life human being. Generated from data collected by the headset and camera, which is then translated into the closest approximation of the individual in question from a selection of presets.

This, Sony believe, will not only increase the level of immersion in such games, but also provide better opportunities for social interactivity.

Additional info can be found on the USPTO website, complete with various diagrams.

A Second PSVR Patent

The above isn’t the only PSVR-related patent that’s come to light over the last few days, however.
Another, also reported by Siliconera, is designed to let players attend certain eSports events virtually, through their PSVR headset.

It works by generating a virtual world based on the venue’s real-life counterpart, using “captured video streams”. The player will then be “anchored” to a specific location within this simulated venue, along with their fellow spectators, allowing them to follow the event as if they were really there in person.

All the fun of a big community event, without running the risk of some inconsiderate so-and-so crushing your toes or spilling their overpriced pint of lager down your favourite shirt, in other words.

Again, anyone interested in learning more should head over to the relevant page on the USPTO website using the link provided.

In the meantime, stay tuned to PlayStation Universe for all the latest PSVR news, reviews, and features.

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office via Siliconera