Sony recommends 90fps at minimum for best PlayStation VR experience on PS4

Sony has recommended that PlayStation VR is best experienced when hitting at least 90fps, the company said during a panel at Montreal’s MIGS 2015 this week (via CGMagOnline).

Sony’s Vernon Harmon delivered a keynote on ‘Embracing Virtual Reality of PlayStation VR,’ where he not only discussed the basic info of the console’s upcoming headset, but also gave suggestions on what developers should strive for when producing content for the device. 

In particular, Harmon said that "we suggest you hit at least 90 if not 120" frames per second, noting that 60fps is the absolute bare minimum requirement and that it isn’t really good enough to result in a solid virtual reality gaming experience. Furthermore, a dip in frame-rate causes discomfort and loss of presence for the player when using the device. 

PlayStation VR is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2016 for PS4. While a price point has yet to be decided, Sony has indicated that the device will be positioned at a similar cost to that of a new gaming console. In other words, expect to play a couple of hundred dollar for PS VR (at the least) when it hits stores next year. Sony recently confirmed a slew of compatible titles including Tekken 7, Gran Turismo Sport, Dreams, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, and many more during its Paris Games Week event. Check out the PS VR tech specs to find out more details on Sony’s upcoming device.

Capcom has already pretty much confirmed that it will be producing content for PS VR at some point, hinting that Resident Evil may go down the virtual reality path in the future. One thing’s for sure though; don’t expect to be walking around much while wearing PS VR, as the headset won’t track your movement in such a way. Sony also confirmed last month that the device will require an external processing unit to take the strain off of the PS4.

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