Sony releases PlayStation 3 firmware 4.46 after paralyzing 4.45 update

Updates generally don’t come with the disclaimer "This will break your console," but it would have been appreciated by the users whose consoles were bricked by PlayStation 3 firmware update 4.45 last week. Despite the shortcoming, however, Sony has kept its word: a new update, 4.46, has been released today and Sony has posted detailed instructions of how the update can be installed by users with inoperable PS3s. Aside from not rendering consoles useless, update 4.46 boasts no new tweaks over its now infamous predecessor.

If you’re fortunate enough to have sidestepped update 4.45, this new firmware can be installed as it would be regularly. If your console was effected by the firmware frenzy, follow Sony’s step-by-step guide on how to acquire 4.46 and get back to your gaming ways.

Steven Chaffin, Jr. is an American editor for PlayStation Universe who has no concept of time, or sleep. You can follow his late-night writings on his blog, and his ramblings on Twitter @steven_chaffin.

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