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Sony Reveals PS5 Community Game Help, Is Powered By User-Generated Content

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced an expanded Game Help service for PS5 players driven by user-generated content, known as Community Game Help.

This community-driven feature will launch later this year and will see Game Help made available to all PS5 players, regarding whether or not they have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Provided a game is supported, users can contribute gameplay, view hints from other players, and access Game Help hints made by the developers.

Community Game Help should be familiar to anyone who has already used Game Help. If you’ve hit a road block in a title, press the PS button on your controller and open the Control Center and locate an Action Card with ‘Hints inside’ icon.

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While there are developer-made hints available in supported games, you will start to notice ‘Community Game Help’ crop up, which means another player has provided footage. In addition, you contribute to Community Game Help yourself, with Sony outlining how to do so below:

  • Go to [Captures & Broadcasts] >[Captures] > [Auto Captures] > [Community Game Help], then select [Participate] to opt in to the program.
  • You can also select the monthly capture limit to control how many videos you will allow to be captured from your gameplay per month.

Sony will begin rolling out Community Game Help for select titles later this year, and aims to implement the feature into as many games as possible down the line.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]