Sony says Blu-ray investment is justified

Sony Computer Entertainment America has responded to recent news that Project Gotham Racing 4 developer Bizarre Creations conceded having problems fitting data on to a single DVD format, insisting that the firm’s decision to invest in the high-definition Blu-ray format is fully justified.

Speaking to this week, SCEA spokesperson David Karraker stated, "We took a lot of heat at launch for including Blu-ray in PS3. Now it looks like that investment is being justified.”

"Next generation games simply need more space on the disc to contain all that high definition content. Take a look at Lair, for example, already pushing 25GB of content, and that is a first-generation title. At 50GB storage capacity, Blu-ray gives the PS3 plenty of headroom for developers to fully realize their visions well into the future”, he added.

The response came following comments posted on PGR 4 developer Bizarre Creation’s official forum, stating they were unable to include different times of day in each of the Xbox 360 racer’s tracks due to limitations attributed to fitting the data on a single DVD. Subsequently, the team decided to work around the issue by utilizing different lighting sources for each course.