E3 2015 | Electronic Entertainment Expo News

Sony says E3 2015 will be an ‘exciting show’

Speaking at the Electronics Investor Relations Day, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) chief Andrew House teased that the format holder has an ‘exciting show‘ lined up for E3 2015.

I think that it will be a show where we see the next generation of hardware really start to deliver great content and great experiences that if not take full advantage of the platform, will a lot more advantage than we’ve seen before," said House.

"I think we’re seeing games become bigger experiences, that trend has not changed. I gave a first party example with Bloodborne earlier, I was reading some of the game media reviews on that. Some of the gaming press were calling this ‘the first proper next-gen title.’ I really hope to see more of these experiences emerging at E3.”

House previously admitted that PlayStation 4’s exclusive games line-up for 2015 was "a little sparse," and hinted that we may see Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End out no later than March 31, 2016. 

E3 kicks off next month, and PSU will be there to bring you all the latest gaming news from the show floor.