News Tokyo Game Show [TGS] 2008

Sony takes five awards at TGS 2008

The Xbox 360 may have enjoyed a sales bump in Japan of late, but some of the nation’s foremost commentators still favour Sony. The Computer Entertainment Suppliers’ Association has allotted no less than five of the PlayStation titles we saw at the Tokyo Game Show a coveted "Future Award" (thanks Kotaku for the translation).

Nintendo managed another five, while Microsoft scraped away with a pitiful two – one of them multiplatform. Here’s the full list:

[email protected] – Namco Bandai – PSP
Gyakuten Kenji – Capcom – DS
White Knight Story – Sony – PS3
Star Ocean 4 – Square Enix – Xbox 360
Final Fantasy: Dissidia – Square Enix – PSP
Dragon Quest IX – Square Enix – DS
Resident Evil 5 – Capcom – Xbox 360/PS3
Monster Hunter 3 – Capcom – Wii
428 – Sega – Wii
LittleBigPlanet – Sony – PS3
Yakuza 3 – Sega – PS3
Let’s Tap – Sega – DS

Nice to see LittleBigPlanet garnering worldwide acclaim, isn’t it?