Sony talks PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR sales


The president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe has revealed that PS4 Pro sales account for every one in five PS4s moved at retail since the high-end games console launched in November 2016.

Speaking in a new statement this week (via Polygon), Jim Ryan wouldn’t divulge just how many units the PS4 Pro has moved to date, although noted its performance has been limited by supply issues, as is the case with the PlayStation VR headset. 

We have been sold out [of the PSVR] ever since launch and it’s only within the last month or so that it’s started to come into supply and we’re feverishly getting the factory cranked up as fast as we can,” Ryan said. “And as with VR, [PS4 Pro sales] have been restricted by our ability to supply the market.

He went onto confirm that PSVR has sold over one million units to date since its release in October 2016. Since that time, the device has been increasingly hard to come by, with stock shortages lasting throughout the Christmas holidays and well into the New Year. Ryan said that retailers have only just started to see the increase in supply for both the PS4 Pro and PSVR.

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Elsewhere, Sony Interactive Entertainment America boss Shawn Layden revealed that the PS4 “is the fastest-selling hardware that we’ve ever had and may be the fastest one on the market.” As a result, a number of services available on the system are experiencing significant growth.

Netflix use is massive on PlayStation,” observed Layden. “The PS Store on PlayStation is now the number one retailer of PlayStation software worldwide.”

He also spoke briefly about Sony’s upcoming press conference at E3 2017. TIME magazine says that Layden ‘says to think of it less as a press conference than a software showcase’ –  "The crowd will only have to suffer I think in aggregate 90 seconds of me," he jokes. "And in the middle will be all the games."

The PS4 launched in the U.S. and Europe in November 2013, and has since managed to secure as strong lead over the Microsoft Xbox One, its leading competitor. Sony announced earlier this year that its flagship console has shipped 60 million units globally as of March 31, 2017, and had sold a total of 53.4 million units by January 31.