Sony to restore PSN matchmaking in a couple of days?

Eurogamer is reporting that Sony is planning to restore PlayStation Network matchmaking in the next few days.

A ‘trusted source’ told the site that the feature will be back up and running “within the next couple of days.”

Sony, of course, is keeping mum on these rumblings, with Patrick Seybold, corporate communications director at Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), simply telling the site: "We’re working to get the network back on as soon as we can."

However, a PlayStation Europe community boss later revealed that the electronics giant is aiming to have online gaming back up and running prior to PSN’s full restoration on May 31.

"Once again, 31st May is the date for FULL restoration of PSN services. Restoration is phased. Online gaming will return BEFORE May 31st," said the firm.

Stay tuned for more developments pertaining to the on-going PSN outage as they become available to us.