Sony UK defends LittleBigPlanet sales performance

LittleBigPlanet hasn’t exactly dropped a train on the competition during its first few weeks at sale, debuting at fourth in UK sales charts and slipping to 19th this week. Not to worry, says Sony Computer Entertainment UK – "Sackboy hasn’t even hit his stride yet."

Speaking to Eurogamer, the publisher declared itself "pleased" with both the game’s sales performance and its critical reception so far.

"We’re really pleased with the initial reaction to LittleBigPlanet, which has been our highest scoring game ever, I believe, with a Metacritic score of 95 per cent and a huge list of 10/10s or 100 per cent scores. We are also pleased with its commercial performance," a spokesperson commented.

"In other times of the year [LBP] would be a clear number one, so you have to put the chart in context. This is an incredibly volatile time of year and the chart reflects that."

The spokesperson pointed out that LittleBigPlanet has succeeded where most original IPs have failed. "Our industry is littered with examples of brand new innovative titles that have been lauded by the critics but have sold dismally. LittleBigPlanet has broken this stereotype by not only being brilliant and original, but also by selling really well on a global basis."

Furthermore, Sony UK reckons the game can only appreciate in entertainment value as time goes by, thanks to that well-publicised emphasis on user-created content. "LBP is breaking many preconceptions. There are some games that are hardcore experiences where the kudos lies in getting it first. LBP is excellent on day one but even better as time goes by."

"This game gets better and better as an experience and as a value proposition," the spokesperson went on. "It’s also a game that will benefit enormously from word of mouth and from people trying it out with friends or in-store; it drips fun and charm in equal measure."

Word of mouth is all very well, but many PlayStation 3 loyalists have complained that Sony is doing too little to market its products alongside Microsoft and Nintendo. The spokesperson played down these fears, explaining that much of the publisher’s advertising muscle is reserved for December.

"The bulk of our marketing including our six figure TV advertising campaign doesn’t roll out until December, so we genuinely believe that Sackboy hasn’t even hit his stride yet."

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