Sony unveils limited edition MGS4 wireless headphones

After rumors circulated earlier today about a limited edition Metal Gear Solid 4, the latest limited edition exclusive for MGS4 has surfaced.

This new limited edition feature comes in the form of wireless, 7.1 channel headphones. These new wireless headphones sport the same finish as the limited-edition Sony PS3 that will be hitting Japan. A technical feat to say the least, Sony has managed to reduce a full HD 7.1 channel theater system into the confines of two earphones.

Assistant producer to MGS 4, Ryan Payton, has been adament on his podcast that to obtain the full MGS 4 experience, gamers should have at the very least a 5.1 surround sound system. These wireless headphones give gamers the option to have surround sound without waking up the neighborhood. The only downside to the announcement is that only 30 of them will be handed out randomly to those buying MGS4 bundles from the Japanese Konami store from now up to June 1.

Unless this offer is announced for other territories, the probability of getting your hands on these headphones will be near impossible. Keep those internet auction sites bookmarked as a couple of these will inevitably end up there and sell for way more than their worth, but every penny will be worth it to the biggest of Metal Gear fans.