Sony wants you to come up with a new DualShock 3 design

It seems that the Japanese hardware giant may be getting a little tired of releasing the same old controller in a plethora of colors.

Sony today posted a “call to arms,” so to speak, asking you, the devoted PlayStation gamer, what you think the next DualShock 3 should look like.

Maybe it’s because Sony is running out of ideas, or maybe it’s because some of them just weren’t very good; but the next DualShock 3 will be crafted with you in mind.

Starting today (until August 15), you can head on over to PlayStation.Blog.Share to pitch your ideas, and here to vote on your favorite ones.

Sony says your idea could be as simple as a new color, or a controller theme from your favorite PlayStation game.

Drop a comment below if you’ve submitted a design; you can get others to help vote for your creation.

Source: PS Blog