Sony will likely reject PS VR games that slip below 60fps

Sony is likely to reject any PlayStation VR titles that fall below the golden 60fps target, Chris Norden, Senior Development Support Engineer for Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA), has revealed.

Speaking at GDC this week in wake of the price and release date announcement for the virtual reality headset, Nordon didn’t beat around the bush when stressing the importance of frame rate in regards PS VR.

Frame rate is really important; you cannot drop below 60 frames per second, ever,” explained Nordon. “If you submit a game to us and it drops to 55, or 51…we’re probably going to reject it. I know I’m going to get flak for this, but there’s no excuse for not hitting frame rate.”

It’s really hard, and I’m not going to lie to and say it’s extremely easy…it’s really difficult,” he said, before revealing, “60hz is the minimum acceptable framerate. Everybody drill that into your heads.”

I see a lot of media misreporting what that little black box does, and it’s driving me crazy,” he added, speaking in light of erroneous press reports of the device’s breakout box. 

PlayStation VR is scheduled to ship in October 2016 for $399/£349. The device will be supported by around 50 games by the end of the year, with over 230 developers confirmed to be working on projects for the device. Furthermore, Sony has revealed it will be selling the hardware at a profit from launch day.