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Sony Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit That Saw Console Maker Sued For $500 Million

A US District Court judge has ruled in Sony‘s favour regarding a $500 million patent infringement lawsuit filed back in 2017 by Genuine Enabling Technology.

The lawsuit claimed that the PlayStation manufacturer had infringed on its patent regarding controller-to-console communication. GET’s primary concern was that Sony’s consoles and controllers emit a ‘slow-varying’ frequency signal for button inputs, with motion controls seeing a higher frequency signal submitted.

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They added that no device was able to receive both signals simultaneously until its patent offered a solution, although Sony in its defence argued that GET didn’t prove that a specific component in its controllers was “structurally equivalent” to the diagrams in the patent.

The judge sided with the format holder on this, stating that GET “failed to raise a dispute of fact” and that Sony did not infringe on its patent.

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