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Sony’s Latest Patent Allows Viewers To Vote And Pay To Remove Players From Games

A new patent from Sony comes with some serious concerns for esports, both players and fans, as the new patent allows viewers to vote and pay to remove players from a game, and that player has no power to veto the decision.

The news comes from website Kotaku, who does note that there must be at least a 60% majority before any removal action can be taken. The idea of benching isn’t exactly new, but since viewers can also pay to bid for the power to remove a player, the whole patent becomes more sinister feeling than it already was.

The patent also includes an option for viewers to warn players to improve their play, which is another feature that could be easily abused. However, while the negative potential that this patent brings, it is worth mentioning that it is just a patent, and while that sometimes indicates intent to use what was patented, that doesn’t mean Sony will.

It definitely looks like they would use it, with their recent purchase of EVO and what seems to be a more concerted effort towards esports, this patent looks like a dark cloud looming over what esports on through PlayStation will look like.

Source – [Kotaku]