Sony’s Mark Cerny proves his might as he earns The Witness Platinum Trophy

PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny has managed to bag himself the Platinum Trophy in Jonathan’s The Witness. 

Cerny, who also spearheaded the PS4 launch title Knack, posted his accomplishment on Twitter, no doubt with a pulse of self-satisfaction too—we’d be the same too, if we managed to crack a cerebral juggernaut like Jonathan Blow’s latest effort.

Check out Cerny’s post below.

The Witness divided critics upon its release on PS4 last month, with some praising its brain-aching puzzles and gorgeous art direction, while others felt it lacked something special—PSU fell into the latter camp in our verdict on the game.

Blow previously worked on the critically acclaimed platform title, Braid, which was a massive hit with gamers upon its release in 2008 on Xbox 360. The game later arrived on PC and PS4 the following year, and earned numerous awards in the process.