Soul Sacrifice developer details Ghost Mode and Leviathon

Keiji Inafune, founder of Comcept development team, detailed today some content coming to his upcoming PlayStation Vita title Soul Sacrifice.

Inafune didn’t go into much in terms of gameplay for the Leviathon, but he disclosed a proportionately significant screenshot and the backstory to the massive creature:

"Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there were two twin princes. The older twin excelled at everything, and the younger one failed at just as much. The two were so different that it was a wonder that the same blood flowed through their veins. It was like pairing up a giant and a dwarf. The younger brother grew up with a severe inferiority complex and developed an extremely dark personality. He started to enjoy collecting ferocious animals, one in particular being a crocodile from another kingdom. He put the crocodile in a cage, where he tormented it. It was the only time he could ever feel strong.

Years went by, and it was finally time for the heir to take the throne. Of course, the chosen heir was none other than the eldest of the twin brothers. Jealous, the younger prince stormed off to his room. He sat there, staring at his crocodile. “If only I could get the crocodile to kill my brother…” he thought. Just then a strange voice resonated in the room and the prince could feel his body drown in magic…"

Inafune went into detail on its featured Ghost Mode, which is incorporate in the co-op multiplayer aspect of the game. If you fall in battle, the fight is not over. Instead, you become useful by helping your remaining teammate win the fight. You will be able to observe the status of your enemies, weaken your enemies, and strengthen your teammate.

Though we may have to wait a while for Soul Sacrifice to hit US and UK since the Japanese release date is set for March, it goes without saying that this PS Vita title has a lot in store for players next year.

Via PS Blog