SpeedTree RT Ware ready for PS3

According to a press release from Interactive Data Visualization Inc.(IDV). Their premier real-time foliage middleware, SpeedTree RT will be made available for PlayStation 3 developers under an agreement signed recently with Sony Computer Entertainment.

The official website explains the ground breaking tool in an easy to understand format, " The SpeedTree product line enables both real-time developers and off-line animators to incorporate beautiful, animated, and fully 3D foliage into their scenes. In real-time, our proprietary techniques automatically construct trees with built-in levels of detail – and transition smoothly between them – allowing scenes to be populated with many high definition 3D trees. Almost 1,000 tree and plant models representing over 170 core species are available, and SpeedTreeCAD can be used to create variations or completely new trees & plants from scratch."

A free, fully functional evaluation version of the SpeedTree RT middleware is also available for developers who want to try it out first. The evaluation kit includes plug-ins for 3dsmax and Maya, the fully-functional real-time foliage software and the highly versatile SpeedTree CAD foliage editor and creation tool. After the evaluation period is over, a full license can be easily purchased for a sum of $9,995US per title.

“SpeedTree’s ability to quickly bring beautiful, wind-blown and efficient foliage to real-time titles makes it ideal as a middleware choice for the ground-breaking graphical excellence of PLAYSTATION®3," said IDV Vice President Michael Sechrest. “We welcome developers of PLAYSTATION®3 titles to evaluate SpeedTree if they want to give their players truly next generation outdoor environments.”

IDV’s SpeedTree licensee list is nothing short of spectacular. Epic Games, Rockstar, Ubisoft, THQ, NCSoft, Webzen are some of the biggest International names in the gaming industry supporting its middleware solutions. SpeedTree has become the ideal solution for game developers across the globe for creating lush green forests on next-generation ground breaking titles.

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To license or evaluate SpeedTreeRT for PlayStation 3, contact Kevin Meredith (803) 356-1999 | [email protected]