Mossmouth PS4 Spelunky

Spelunky Physical Edition Coming to PS4 and PS Vita

Spelunky Physical Edition - PS4, PS Vita

Limited Run Games has announced that it’s bringing a physical release of moreish roguelike platformer Spelunky to PS4 and PS Vita on Friday the 8th February.

Price points for the respective platforms have yet to be provided. However, Limited Run Games has said it will be releasing more information on the Spelunky physical edition in the next couple of days.

Spelunky Physical Edition is the Perfect Opportunity to Revisit Mossmouth’s Award-Winning Classic

Today’s news certainly comes as a welcome surprise.

Like the majority of critics who reviewed the game back in 2013, we thoroughly enjoyed our time with developer Mossmouth’s magnificent blend of platformer and roguelike.

“Overall, Spelunky is an addictive platformer” wrote Richard Archer in PSU’s Spelunky review. One that, despite the steep learning curve and difficulty spikes, is “jam-packed chaotic fun where every inch of the screen is used; treasure lurks tantalizingly beside monsters, chests and jars wait to be cracked open to reveal their contents, traps of all descriptions hide around every corner to kill the unwary.”

What’s Happening with Spelunky 2?

As well as giving us yet another reason to dip into our bank accounts, today’s announcement reminded us that, since a relatively short gameplay trailer was released back in August, we’ve seen neither hide nor hair of forthcoming sequel Spelunky 2.

From what we understand, it should be releasing at some point in 2019. However, Mossmouth has yet to provide eager fans with a release window, let alone a concrete release date.

Hopefully, that’ll change in the next couple of months. But we’ve already resigned ourselves to the possibility that our wait will be a long one.