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Spelunky 2 Gameplay Trailer Gives Us Our First Look at the Long-Awaited Sequel

Spelunky 2 Gameplay Trailer

The first ever Spelunky 2 gameplay trailer has been released by developer Mossmouth over on the PlayStation blog. Giving us our first enticing look at what the long-awaited sequel has in store for us when it releases next year.

As it turns out, that’s more of the same perfectly balanced gameplay mechanics and charming visuals, with a generous selection of exciting new features thrown in.

Features that include ridable mounts, dynamic liquid physics, and four-player online co-op. Nice!

Spelunky 2 Gameplay Trailer – Cause and Effect

Much of what makes Spelunky 2 a worthy successor to the beloved original, however, is the way the game’s different elements interact. That’s according to creator Derek Yu.

Since Spelunky was released a lot of great roguelike-inspired games have come out and pushed the genre in cool new directions, but I think Spelunky is still very unique in terms of the freedom it offers the player and the way different elements interact, where one event can trigger a cascade of consequences that have to be dealt with.

That’s something we’ve been building on – not just adding lots of new things (which we’re doing!), but also making the world feel even more interconnected. And that includes storytelling (both developer-created and player-created) as well as game mechanics.

New Features

Spelunky 2 Gameplay Trailer
Dynamic liquid physics adds new threats to Spelunky 2

It’s this combination of interactive freedom and various new features that, according to Yu, adds another layer of depth to the established formula without fundamentally altering what the original Spelunky did so well.

There are a lot of differences that, when added up, really make the game feel different. For example, each level will have a second layer that you can go back and forth between. Sometimes the entrance is right there and sometimes it’s a hidden shortcut.

Even though the gameplay is still 2D platforming, this adds a feeling of a third dimension to the exploration.

Throw in those impressive-looking liquid physics, destructible terrain, and the game’s procedurally-generated levels, and there are even more opportunities for emergent gameplay than ever before in Spelunky 2.

Spelunky 2 will be playable at PAX West this weekend in the PlayStation booth.