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Spider-Man game world is ‘four-to-six times bigger’ than Sunset Overdrive

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In a spate of news that’s sure to whet the appetite of fans the world over, it’s been confirmed that Spider-Man’s game world of Manhattan will be ‘four-to-six times bigger’ than the developer’s previous open-world game, Sunset Overdrive.

Spider-Man map will be huge

Speaking with PlayStation Trophies, Insomniac Games’ Community Director James Stevenson confirmed the size of the map would be that much bigger than the 2014 Xbox One exclusive and also mentioned that it’s completely free roaming – meaning you’ll be able to utilize the physics-based web-slinging and swing to your heart’s content.

Spider-Man PS4 Pro boost

The news follows on from an interview that PS4 system architect Mark Cerny did with PlayStation’s Sid Shuman a number of days ago where he delved into what sort of PS4 Pro enhancements we can expect from Spider-Man once it releases later this year.

‘They’re [Insomniac Games] using a forward-looking technique called ‘temporal injection’ that lets them efficiently support 4K displays. The display buffers they’re using are 2160p, so it’s full-on 4K, and they can then scale down those buffers to create very clean and high-quality graphics for 1080p HD TV owners,’’ he said.

Cerny went on to stress, however, that Insomniac Games’ number one focus is on gameplay innovation more than anything else.

He continued: ‘’I don’t want to diminish in any way what they’re doing for the Pro, it’s great, but their number one focus is on gameplay innovation within the Spider-Man universe. For example, how does Spider-Man fight? Certainly with his incredible speed, and agility, and of course his webs. There is the potential for a whole different style of combat than you’ve ever seen before.’’

Spider-Man PS4 gameplay excites at E3 2017

In case you missed it, check out the incredible 9-minute Spider-Man gameplay trailer that headlined Sony’s press conference at E3 and also confirmed a release window of 2018 despite rumors to the contrary.

As ever, stay tuned to PSU all through E3 week for the latest and great news in PlayStation.