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Spider-Man PS4 gameplay looks stunning, release date narrowed down


Sony debuted a brand new Spider-Man PS4 gameplay trailer during its E3 2017 press conference this evening, offering an extensive look at the webslinger’s highly anticipated action-adventure romp.

Spider-Man is currently in development at Insomniac Games, and sees gamers fighting crime as a more experienced superhero in a sumptuously-realised open-world New York City. The new footage offers the first glimpse of the game in action, with Spidey creeping around a construction area and using his iconic powers to neutralize enemies in stylishly acrobatic fashion.

What’s most striking is the visual quality, which looks on par with some of the best-looking PS4 game we’ve seen to date, plus the sheer scale of the game, with Spider-Man cruising through the New York Skyline effortlessly using his web-based powers. 

Sony also confirmed a Spider-Man release date of 2018, marking yet another major title that isn’t coming out this year.