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Spider-Man PS4 to feature alternative costumes for Spidey

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As we wind down from all the festivities we’re wringing out the last few ounces of gaming juice out of E3 2017 and in doing so it’s been confirmed that Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man will feature alternative costumes.

Revealing the news on Twitter in a reply to a fan’s query, Insomniac Games confirmed that its upcoming Spider-Man title, which is due for release in 2018, will feature alternative costumes for everyone’s favorite web-slinger, thankfully not buckling the trend we’ve seen in the PlayStation sphere since the Neversoft’s Spider-Man back in 2000. ‘EEL NATS’, anyone?

The morsel of news follows on from a widely-successful E3 for Spider-Man, which captivated gaming fans with an incredible 9-minute gameplay trailer on stage at Sony’s press conference before revealing a 2018 release window.

Before that, however, PS4 system architect Mark Cerny mentioned that the developer’s focus was on ‘gameplay innovation’ and that through the power of PS4 Pro will be ‘full-on 4K’.

‘’I don’t want to diminish in any way what they’re doing for the Pro, it’s great, but their number one focus is on gameplay innovation within the Spider-Man universe. For example, how does Spider-Man fight? Certainly with his incredible speed, and agility, and of course his webs. There is the potential for a whole different style of combat than you’ve ever seen before’’, said Cerny.

As ever, stay tuned to PSU all through E3 week for the latest and great news in PlayStation.