Square-Enix exclusive Odin Sphere dated for March in the UK

With RPG fans and Square-Enix fiends enjoying Odin Sphere worldwide except for in Europe, our boys across the pond were starting to wonder when the title would show up for them to enjoy too. Well, Square-Enix has finally let it be known that March is going to be the month of release for Odin Sphere in the UK as well as other PAL territories.

March 14 was the specific day given for this incredible experience as you’ll be given five story lines to follow in a chaos theory effect. It’s expected that all five stories will come together in the end to create an epic plot that gamers will love for years to come.

Anyone who has gotten their hands on this title already from either Japan or North America can confirm the plot and how great of a little title this truly is. Now you’re aware, March 14, mark your calendar, perhaps take a day off work and enjoy this vibrant game of colorful art and style.