Square-Enix gets dissed in rap song ‘Letter To SquareSoft’

Richie Branson is a rapper who is also proud to call himself a gamer – and a pretty ticked off one at that. He proves his gamer cred not by rapping about popping bottles in clubs, or mackin’ babes, oh no, no; Branson drops an open letter to SqareSoft (note: not Square-Enix) about how he misses the games of yesteryear.

Titled ‘Letter To SquareSoft,’ the song praises older RPGs like Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, and Chrono Trigger, all the while scrutinizing Square’s last few years as a studio with lyrics like “I want the old SquareSoft back, I really mean it. That’s why I never called you guys Square-Enix.”

As far as gaming-themed hip-hop goes, we’d say this is pretty good. We’d even call ourselves fans of this track. There are enough old-school gaming references scattered in the lyrics to make any fan of classic JRPGs smile.

Listen to the track below:

Check out Richie Branson’s site for more geeky hip-hop.

Thanks, Matt.